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2012:  Mobile phones may make people selfish.
British Psychological Society

2012:  Jo Brand on Kissing.
BBC 4, TV documentary

2012:  Simply pick the best.
Times Higher Education

2012:  Arrogant people less likely to help others.
British Psychological Society

2011:  Men overestimate a woman’s desire.
British Psychological Society

2011:  It’s better to give than to receive finds study.
British Psychological Society

2011:  Better-off are urged to start doing their share for charity.
The Times

2010: Ovulation hormones make women 'choose clingy clothes'
BBC News

2010: 'Men's Hour' - BBC Radio 5 Live

2010: ‘Rules of Attraction’
The Dana Centre

2009: 'Rosy glow' preferred in females
BBC News

2009: ‘What's the Problem with Nudity?’ - BBC 2, Horizon
BBC Horizon

2009: On ‘brain training claims’ - BBC Radio Scotland

2009: ‘The Love Lab’ BBC The One Show; 2 episodes for Valentines week
BBC The One Show

2009: On the psychology of blushing 
Good Morning Wales - BBC Radio Wales 

2008: Commitment phobes can blame genes
BBC News

2008: Experts find ‘scaredy-cat’ gene
BBC News

2008: On why we stick our tongues out 
Questions Questions - BBC Radio 4

2008: On the psychology of apology 
Good Morning Wales - BBC Radio Wales 

2008: Google News: Comment by Dr George Fieldman
Doing good makes you feel good - but how can we understand and maximise the benefits for all? - Mar 28 

2008: Charity ‘makes you feel better’ 
BBC News

2008: Longer legs 'really are a draw'
BBC News

2008: On New Year resolutions - BBC Radio Scotland 

2007: ‘Generosity “may be in the genes”’
BBC News

2007: Macho men 'not seen as good bet'
BBC News

2007: Carbon Dating - The London Times  
The Times

2007: Partner choice 'shaped by father'
BBC News

2007: On the Psychology of apology, with the Chief Political Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph, Toby Helm 
Good Morning Wales - BBC Radio Wales 

2007: Attraction ‘determined by walk’
BBC News

2007: How irises ‘reveal personalities’
BBC News

2007: Altruistic brain region found
BBC News

2006: Soundbites
New Scientist

2006: Security ‘bad news for sex drive’
BBC News

2006: Big Brother eyes ‘boost honesty’
BBC News

2006: On the psychology of altruism, 3 separate contributions,  once with Lord Roberts of Llandudno 
BBC Radio Wales, Good Morning Wales 

2006: Fertility sparks male rivalry
BBC News


2006: Sex cues ruin men’s decisiveness
BBC News

2005: Stressful deadlines and health - BBC World Service, Russian Features 

2005: Why good dancers are attractive
BBC News

2005: Sea view helps cut stress levels
BBC News

2005: Jack Straw visits tsunami zone - Why has the world given so generously - Video
BBC News

2004: Dealing with stress at Christmas - BBC London 

2004: Stressful deadlines boost heart attack risk
New Scientist

2004: Occupational Stress & reduced socialising at work - Sky News

2004: Hearts & Minds - Psychology at Work and the Moderation of Stress, 
Hoare’s Bank 

2004: ‘Age and Attraction - Science in Love’ - Dana Centre, London 

2004: Downsizing raised risk of death in workers
New Scientist

2004: ‘Nasty e-mail from boss a health risk’ - CTV Canada 

2003: On blood pressure and the boss - BBC Radio Scotland 

2003: On blood pressure and the boss - BBC World Service ‘The World Today’ 

2003: Review of a new book on evolutionary biology - BBC Radio 4 'Today' 

2003: On blood pressure and the boss - BBC Radio 4 'Today' 

2003: On genetic sexual attraction - Channel 4 Television - ‘Richard & Judy’ 

2002: On attractive older women - Management Forum Ltd. 
‘Skin Ageing Photo-Ageing and Anti-Ageing Products’ 

2002: On altruism & Hamilton’s inclusive fitness ‘The Secrets of the Clouds’ 
Science documentary series entitled: ‘The Edge’ 

2002: On blood pressure and the boss:
BBC London; BBC London-Live; BBC Three Counties Radio; 
British Forces Broadcasting Service 

2001: On attractive older women: 
BBC Radio 4 'Today'; BBC World Service - 'Science in Action'; 
BBC Radio 5 Live; 
BBC London-Live; BBC Radio Oxford; LBC; 
Cape Talk Radio - South Africa 

1999: On depression - BBC Radio 2 

1999: Discussant on case formulation - 29th Annual Congress of the EABCT, 

1998: On work stress - Institute of Nuclear Safety System Incorporated, Japan 

1998: On work stress - Kurume University, Japan 

1995: On depression - BBC Radio Scotland 

1994: Road Rage - BBC World Service 

1993 On depression - BBC Radio Jersey